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Data set: Block, Enviroblock Lightweight, Aggregate Industries UK Limited (00.00.023)

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Block, Enviroblock Lightweight, Aggregate Industries UK Limited; 1m3 (data presented) 10.5 m2 in 2.4 packs 105.7 blocks
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Concrete / Precast Concrete / Lightweight Block
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The LCA is based on 2016 production data for Croft factory, Leicestershire and specific data for the production of Enviroblock Lightweight precast concrete paving. This EPD covers information modules A1 to A3 (cradle to gate) as defined in EN 15804: 2012 + A1: 2013.
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Aggregate Industries UK Limited
Technical purpose
Precast Concrete is a composite material manufactured through the mixing of cement, aggregates (and reinforcement where required), water and additives in various proportions and then placed into a mould and pressed. Precast concrete products are delivered to the market on flat bed articulated lorries. Aggregate blocks are mainly used in masonry wall construction. Enviroblock blocks are suitable for use above and below the damp proof course (DPC) and can be used internally and externally. The units are produced with a standard finish, ready for plasterboard, render or plaster.
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Compliance systems
  • BS 15804:2012+A1 2013 (Overall compliance: Not defined)
  • EN 16757: 2014 (E) (Overall compliance: Not defined)
  • ISO 14025:2006 (Overall compliance: Not defined)
  • ISO 14040:2006 (Overall compliance: Not defined)
  • ISO 14044:2006 (Overall compliance: Not defined)
  • ISO 21930:2007 (Overall compliance: Not defined)
  • Product category rules for concrete (UN CPC 375) 2013:02 v.1.02 (Overall compliance: Not defined)
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