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Process Data set: Plasterboard, Gypsum based, MAROON COREX PLASTERBOARD, DALSAN ALÇI SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş. (en) en

Key Data Set Information
Location TR
Reference year 2015
Technical purpose of product or process Maroon COREX is a plasterboard used for the construction of partition walls, drywall lining, and suspended ceilings in places where resistance to water and humidity as well as fire is required.
Class name : Hierarchy level
  • Metsims Classification: Plasterboards / Gypsum Based Plasterboards / Fire and Moisture Resistant
General comment on data set The inventory for the LCA study is based on the 2015 production figures for gypsum based plasterboards manufactured by Dalsan Alçı in their production plants in Ankara and Gebze, Turkey. This dataset is based on Environmental Product Declarations - EPD published and registred by EPD Turkey, the only ISO 14025 compliance programme operator in Turkey.
Copyright Yes
Owner of data set
Quantitative reference
Reference flow(s)
Time representativeness
Data set valid until 2021
Time representativeness description 02 May 2021
Technological representativeness
Technology description including background system ‘Manufacturing’ starts with stucco preparation (grinding, calcination and separation), followed by expanded perlite and calcite preparation for production. Gypsum mineral (CaSO4 .2H2 O) is grinded and heated to remove 75% of combined water, resulting in the formation of stucco (calcium sulphate hemihydrate) (CaSO4 .½H2 O). After calcination, dry powder is mixed with excess water and any additives. The slurry then cast into moulds and applied as thick slurry to a surface between paper boards. Once it is formed, it is cut automatically with knife mechanism ready to be transferred to dryers to remove the excess water by heating. During this time the plaster solidifies and the plasterboard is then trimmed. Finally, after quality control, the end products are packaged and then dispatched.
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