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Process Data set: Flooring System, Raised Access, FDEB30 Alpha V, Kingspan Access Floors Limited (en) en

Key Data Set Information
Location GB
Reference year 2014
Flooring System, Raised Access, FDEB30 Alpha V, Kingspan Access Floors Limited
Technical purpose of product or process A raised-access flooring system involving a combination of panel (FDEB30), pedestals (Alpha V) pedestal caps. This loose-laid system is independently tested in accordance with the PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU Specification to Heavy or, with the addition of the appropriate stringers to Extra Heavy Grade. The FDEB30 panel is based on a 600mm-square module made of high-performance high-density particle chipboard core; both its top and bottom surfaces are laminated with galvanised-steel sheets. A vinyl surface finish is laminated to the top surface before being trimmed to fit flush with the panel sides. The FDEB30 panel is encapsulated by a full-depth edge ABS band which provides protection to the edge of the surface finish. The FDEB30 panel is engineered to fine dimensional tolerances for modular control. Electrical continuity and static dispersion are provided where required. The Alpha V pedestal is of a zinc-plated steel construction to allow electrical continuity, and pre-assembled to help minimize installation time. The pedestal has a locking nut to ensure that once adjusted and locked there is no movement in the pedestal head. The Alpha V pedestal range has an overall adjustable height range 20 to 620mm with a base size of 100mm square.
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  • Metsims Classification: Flooring Systems / Raised Access
General comment on data set The EPD is based on a life cycle assessment (LCA) study which used production data for 2014 from Kingspan Access Floors' manufacturing facility in Hull, UK and from its principal supplier of pedestals. Background data were taken from the ecoinvent database (v3.1).
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Data set valid until 2021
Time representativeness description 31 January 2021
Technological representativeness
Technology description including background system FDEB30 panels are made at Kingspan Access Floors' Hull factory in the UK. The process involves cutting and/or trimming of particleboard and galvanised steel sheet, encapsulation of the board in the steel sheet, and finishing. Manufacture is covered by both site's ISO 9001:2008- certified quality management system and its ISO 14001-certified environmental management system. Alpha V pedestals are made in a steel fabrication process starting from common steel forms such as sheet and tube. These are cut to size and welded to form the pedestal elements by Kingspan Access Floors' suppliers in China. These are zinc-plated before being shipped to Kingspan Access Floors' facility in Hull, UK, where they are stored and the finished pedestals assembled. Stringers are fabricated from galvanised steel sheet. Pedestal caps are polypropylene mouldings which account less than 1% of the finished product by mass. Metal waste and chipboard waste generated during the manufacturing stage is segregated and recycled, either through the original supplier or through a third party.
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