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Data set: Adhesive, Cement Based Tile, Saint Gobain Weber Turkey (00.00.023)

Other versions:   00.00.021
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Adhesive, Cement Based Tile, Saint Gobain Weber Turkey
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Mortar / Cement Based Adhesive Mortar / Tile Adhesive
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This Life Cycle Assessment study is carried out for cement based tile adhesives produced in five manufacturing plants of Saint Gobain Weber Turkey located in Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Gebze, and İzmir. This EPD is prepared as an average EPD for cement based tile adhesives product group manufactured in these plants. The data used in this study is collected from all of these five manufacturing facilities and refers to the year 2012.
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Saint Gobain Weber Turkey
Technical purpose
Cement based tile adhesives are used for interior and exterior applications for covering surfaces with tiles, marbles, natural stones, granite, ceramics, porcelain ceramics and similar coating materials. Products are mixed with water before application. The amount of water required for mixing is indicated on the back side of craft bags, technical data sheets of products and “weber solution guide” (product guide). According to the preference of applicator, mixing should be realized either with the help of low-speed electrical mixer or manually with trowel. Prepared mortar should be applied on the substrate and its thickness should be adjusted with steel notched trowel. Tooth size of trowel should be adjusted according to dimensions of tile and smoothness of application surface.
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