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Data set: Particle Board, UNILIN Panels (00.01.003)

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Particle Board, UNILIN Panels
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  • 1m³ UNILIN particle board ()
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Scope: This EPD refers to the production of 1 m3 of particle board. This product is available under different brand names: Liso, Belspan and Stellwand. Production site is in Wielsbeke, Belgium. System boundary: Type of EPD: cradle-to-gate with options 1a) Declaration of a specific product from a manufacturer’s plant. Modules A1-A3 include processes that provide materials and energy input for the system, manufacturing and transport processes up to the factory gate, as well as waste processing. Processes for the preparation of recycled wood are included (cleaning, shreddering). The end of life scenario assumes that post-consumer particle board waste reaches the end-of-waste state and is 100% incinerated in a European biomass power plant. Module D includes benefits from all net flows in the end-of-life stage that leave the product boundary system after having passed the end-of-waste state. In module C3 only the release of biotic CO2 is declared. Loads from material incineration (excluding biotic CO2 emissions) and resulted energy credits are declared within module D.
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This Environmental Product Declaration refers to the production of 1m³ particle board. A particle board is a wood based panel that consists of 3 layers: Two surface layers with a fine structure and in between a core layer which has a coarse structure. The particleboard is manufactured from wood particles that are bonded together by the use of a thermoharding glue. The wood particles and the glue are mixed together with additives (e.g.hardeners) and compressed at high pressure and temperature into a wooden panel.
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Particle board is used as a base material in the furniture industry (e.g. for kitchen, bathroom furniture). The surface allows many different types of coatings to be applied. Besides the furniture industry, it is also used as a decorative or constructive element in the building industry (e.g. as construction board, concrete shuttering).
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