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Data set: Roof Coverings, Fibre Cement/Fibre Concrete, Roof tile and Roof ridge, Mahaphant Fibre Cement Public Company Ltd. (00.01.006)

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Roof Coverings, Fibre Cement/Fibre Concrete, Roof tile and Roof ridge, Mahaphant Fibre Cement Public Company Ltd.
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Scope: This EPD declaration and background report covers four coloured and uncoloured air-cured fibre cement roofing products, which are Lightweight (Roman) roof tile, Trilon roof tile, UV Slate, and roof ridge. These products are based on average Mahaphant fibre cement roof covering products manufactured by Mahaphant Fibre-Cement Public Co., Ltd, and produced in the manufacturing plant located in Pattananikom, Lopburi province, Thailand in which the production data from October 2011 to September 2012 were recorded. Life cycle assessment (LCA) was conducted based on the cradle-to-gate approach (Module A1-A3), where the whole production phase of the Mahaphant fibre cement roof covering product was considered in this study. System boundary: The Declaration includes the product stage modules, A1 – A3, which are: 1) A1 - raw material extraction and processing, processing of secondary material input; 2) A2 – transport to the manufacturer; and 3) A3 – manufacturing. The product stage is set to include those processes that provide the material and energy inputs into the system and the following manufacturing and transport processes up to the factory gate as well as the processing of any waste arising from those processes.
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The declared products are cement based composites reinforced with cellulose and synthetic fibres. These declared roofing products cover both coloured and uncoloured products in various size and shapes. The average metric tonne fibre cement product is calculated based on the annual production data of each declared product. The LCA results presented in the Declaration is the average LCA results of all declared products. The commercial names of the products are: 1) Lightweight (Roman) roof tile The light weight roof tiles are available in a wide spectrum of colours and are suitable for home and factory roofing. Their high pitch and double corrugation combined with wide water channel allows water drainage with gentle inclination. 2) Trilon roof tile With its three corrugations and large scale profiles, Trilon roof tile is suitable for large roof spans in public areas or large homes with a contemporary design. Due to its light weight, Trilon roof tile is easier to set up. 3) UV Slate The product has two modern stylish designs called U-Slate and V-Slate. U-Slate is developed as an outstanding and attractive roof tile with a simple yet stylish design. V-Slate is designed to reflect heat from sun light which helps make the house cooler and save more on energy costs, especially in tropical countries. 4) Roof ridge Roof ridge is developed in different sizes, shapes, and colours to best match with the tiles used. The production technology of roof ridge covered in the Declaration includes both injection and hand-moulding manufacturing processes.
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Mahaphant Fibre-Cement Public Company Limited
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The Mahaphant fibre cement roof covering products are used for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
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