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Data set: Board, Gypsum based, GTEC Plasterboard, Etex Building Performance Limited (00.00.007)

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Board, Gypsum based, GTEC Plasterboard, Etex Building Performance Limited
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Plasterboards / Gypsum Based Wall Linings
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This declaration covers all types of plasterboard manufactured to BS EN520. It provides average results for an average product as described in the declared unit. The products covered by this declaration are listed below: GTEC Standard Board 9.5mm, 15mm, 12.5mm GTEC Base Board 9.5mm GTEC Plank 19mm GTEC Moisture Board 12.5mm, 15mm GTEC Fire Board 12.5mm, 15mm GTEC Fire MR Board 12.5mm, 15mm GTEC Fire Core Board 19mm GTEC E Board 12.5mm GTEC dB Board 12.5mm, 15mm GTEC Acoustic Homespan Board 15mm GTEC Universal Board 12.5mm, 15mm GTEC Contour Board 6mm Megadeco 12.5mm, 15mm LaDura 15mm. This declaration covers all UK manufacturing, carried out at these 2 sites: Etex Building Performance Ltd Redland Avenue Easton-in-Gordano BRISTOL BS20 0FB and Etex Building Performance Ltd Kirkhaw Lane Knottingley West Yorkshire WF11 8UL. The scope includes all plasterboard conforming to BS EN 520 (all types) and provides a declaration for an "average" product of dry weight equal to 8.985 kg/m2 . Data derives from all UK manufacture during 2016, Bristol & Ferrybridge plants.
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Etex Building Performance Limited
Technical purpose
Plasterboard comprises a gypsum core enclosed between two layers of paper liner. The core contains various additives to achieve the required technical performance of the product or of the drywall system within which it is assembled. Typical plasterboard uses are as external wall linings, internal partitions or ceilings within residential or commercial buildings. Specialist products may also be used for floor systems, shaft lining or beam and column enclosure
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