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Key Data Set Information
Location TR
Reference year 2016
Ceramic Porcelain Slab, Kalesinterflex®, Kaleseramik Çanakkale Kalebodur Seramik Sanayi A.Ş.
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  • Metsims Classification: Ceramic / Ceramic Slab / Ceramic Porcelain Slab
General comment on data set The inventory for the LCA study is based on the 2016 production figures for Kalesinterflex® manufactured by Kaleseramik Çanakkale Kalebodur Seramik Sanayi A.Ş. in their Çan production plant located in Çanakkale, Turkey. This dataset is based on Environmental Product Declarations - EPD published and registred by EPD Turkey, the only ISO 14025 compliance programme operator in Turkey.
Copyright Yes
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Time representativeness
Data set valid until 2023
Time representativeness description 14.05.2023
Technological representativeness
Technology description including background system Kalesinterflex® is a porcelain ceramic slab with has two option; with and without fibreglass backing. It is primarily made of clay, kaolin and feldspar but they also include other raw materials. The production technology of tiles is dry pressing. The required composition is blended with water to form slurry. This slurry then fed into spray driers to form uniform granules ready for compaction. These granules are then shaped to form the green body. This can then be glazed. The green ceramic body is fired at high temperatures, resulting in a hard body. Kalesinterflex® has two surface alternatives as glazed and polished. It can be used as is or with fibreglass laminated backing depending on the application. Kalesinterflex® can be cut in any sizes required by projects: 1000x3000mm, 1000x1000mm, 500x3000mm, 500x1500mm, 500x1000mm, 500x500mm, 200x1500mm and 50x1000mm.
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